Delivery and Return Contract

Delivery and Return Contract

Delivery and Return Contract

Delivery and Return Contract In accordance with the "Regulation on the application procedures and principles of delivery and return contracts" published in the Official Gazette dated 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137, it is obligatory to make a contract for online sales. Contract details are as follows. Delivery and Return Agreement.

1- The Parties Service provider Newmoon Tourism Travel Agency will be referred to as “Agency” (Kuzey Ege Seyahat Turizm Araç Kir. Gıd. İnş. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.). The person whose name and surname is specified in the reservation and / or the person he represents will be referred to as the "Consumer".

2- Subject This contract has been made between the Consumer and the Agent. It is regulated for the sales of services made by the agency in written, visual, telephone and electronic media in accordance with the following qualifications and sales conditions, and includes the rights and actions of the parties. It includes the transfer, tour and vehicle allocation service purchased by the consumer from the website of the agency, the qualifications of the purchased service are on the Delivery and Return Contract and the "Terms and Conditions" pages and the service fee is sent to the e-mail address. stated in the form.

3- Duration of Contract This contract is; If the reservation takes effect on the date of approval by the Agency and no dispute arises, it automatically ends when the service received by the consumer ends. In the event of a dispute, this contractual relationship will be valid until the final settlement of the dispute.

4- Payment and Billing Information In purchasing services by credit card, the consumer is obliged to pay the service fee during the reservation. K.D.V. for the prices specified in the service fee. included. Making the reservation and payment; It means the acceptance of the provisions specified in the Delivery and Return Contract and "Terms and Conditions" pages of the agency. Complaints and refund requests must be sent to within 14 (fourteen) days after the service date. Invoice issuance period for the purchased service V.U.K. 7 days, including the date of purchase, provided that the month is not skipped. The agency will use the information given in the reservation form in documenting the invoices to be sent to the Consumer. Upon request, the invoice will be sent to the address specified by the consumer in the reservation form by cargo. For the payments made with iyzipay, the transaction (commission) fee received by iyzipay is added to the service fee on the iyzipayl payment page, and the commission amount belongs to the customer. Similarly, in iyzipay refunds, the transaction (commission) fee received by iyzipay is deducted from the iyzipay payment service fee and the commission amount belongs to the customer. In credit card payments, in the installment payment options selected by the customer, the delay difference determined by the relevant bank or payment systems is added to the service fee and is automatically indicated in the installment payment table. Expenses arising from the cancellation and return of credit card payments made to the bank's pos system or to the company providing payment systems service are deducted from the amount to be returned at the customer's expense. For the refunds of payments made by bank transfer, the transaction cost received by the bank is deducted from the service fee, and the transaction cost belongs to the customer. On our website, only a prepayment requirement may occur as a payment option in some vehicles. Our Web site ( I) on the booking page of prepaid means Turkey is sought based on the local time of 24 hours must be booked in advance, it is deemed acceptable limitations on how long if the booking was made. For requests that will occur under 24 hours for the specified vehicles, pre-compliance must be obtained by contacting us. On our website, only a prepayment requirement may occur as a payment option in some destinations. In bank transfers from abroad, there may be commissions deducted by the sender due to financial agreements between countries or due to the commission policy of the sending bank or the correspondent bank. The commission deductions and responsibility arising from the bank to which the money will be transferred belong to the sender. To avoid such a situation, please get confirmation from your bank.

5- Cancellation and Change When the consumer requests a cancellation up to 12 hours before the start of the service, the entire service fee paid is returned to him. The consumer will be refunded 50% of the one-way service fee for cancellation requests less than 12 hours before the start of the service. (If the two-way service fee has been paid, the entire return fee will be refunded) These conditions do not include campaign services, early booking or discounted reservations. Consumer-made tar

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