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Ortakent Yahşi, Bodrum

Ortakent Yahşi is a town connected to the Bodrum district of Muğla province.

Until 2012, a village connected to the Bodrum district, in 2012, Muğla is a metropolitan city, a neighborhood statue attached to this town.

The former name of Ortakent is Müsgebi or Müsgebi as pronounced in the region.

In 1999, Ortakent and Yahşi villagers merged to the state of the village. Ortakent-Yahsi Municipality was established in 1999.

The former name of Ortakent was Müskebi. According to Rivay, this is the flowers of mandarin trees in the region that give this name to Ortakent. The region has been blessed with incredible beautiful smell especially in spring, and after a while the name Müskebi remains. The last was named Ortakent because of its location in the middle of the peninsula. Mehmet Kocadon is the first and only mayor since 2000.

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