Bagla Transfer

We are providing Economic Vip Transfer Service from Milas Airport to Bağla.

We would like to brief you about Bağla.

Muğla - Bodrum - Bagla Cove

Bagla Cove, which is 14 km away from Bodrum, is one of the most famous and popular coasts of the peninsula. The Bağla Point, like a dinosaur head, is shown in the 15th century Piri Reis map. It is one of the places that Bodrum people love with fresh water source and beautiful bay.

In the past, behind the beach there was a tangerine garden with beautiful water in the stone pool surrounded by huge cypress trees, and this was the place for the promenade of Bodrum. The basin drinking water was supplied from here. Come with boats, enter the sea and have fun. Bagla bay has been completely changed due to the holiday sites and big hotels built in recent years.

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